WND Exclusive – Harvey Weinstein: Product of the Leftist System

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The left is a breeding ground for the worst kinds of people. The latest example is, of course, the despicable


Harvey Weinstein. For decades he has abused females in the movie and television industry. He lorded his power and influence over these poor women – making or breaking their careers by means of the sexual favors they could provide to him. All the while other leftists looked the other way or covered for him.

We all know that Hollywood is a sewer; Weinstein is just the latest sewer rat to be nailed. But, as I said – it’s not just Hollywood. Hollywood is a mere subset. For the left, immoral and amoral behavior is common. Harvey is a just another product of the system – the progressive leftist system.

Now, I’m not saying there haven’t been “bad” people from the right, as it were. Even the best among us have a dark side, but the preponderance of ne’er-do-wells have been and are today leftist to some degree.

Most of us were unfortunate enough to have viewed or listened to the Center for Medical Progress recordings of abortion mill doctors and employees at Planned Parenthood speaking so cavalierly of tearing apart living human beings to harvest their body parts and organs. And that’s exactly what these monsters called it – harvesting, as if babies were no more precious than a head of lettuce or ear of corn. All these villains are leftists.

The wonderful “green” movement is replete with leftist “believers.” This belief in the Earth as some conscious entity invariably led to eco-terrorism. In the name of saving Mother Earth, eco-terrorists think nothing of various acts of violence, illegal disruptions, vandalizing, blowing things up and burning things down.

Leftists, communists, fascists, anarchists, etc. – they are the worst society has to offer. These categories, for want of a better descriptor, are merely degrees of leftism from the moderate to the extreme.

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