WND Exclusive – GAO: Government Wastes Billions — Who Knew?

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Earlier in the week, I wrote a column about how our federal government overlords have a penchant for giving our money away as if it were their own. And often times the money goes to the undeserving. In it, I concentrated on a $1 million payment the Justice Department is gifting to the state of Florida, city of Parkland and Broward County to help defer the costs of the massive response to the Parkland school shooting. My beef wasn’t just the million-dollar gift, but that the feds were in effect rewarding them for the incompetence of the cowards of Broward County – that it would not have cost so much if the deputies had done their jobs in the first place.

Fortuitously, a day later, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a 33-page report chronicling wasteful government spending. Who knew we had a governmental office that actually cares about what the feds spend our money on?

Well, I’m sure we all knew, yet the surprising part is that the GAO actually does a pretty good job at ferreting out wasteful spending. A government department that does what its name implies. Huh.

The report is entitled: “Government Efficiency and Effectiveness.” No, this not a joke, and yes, you may stop laughing. It is subtitled: “Opportunities to Reduce Fragmentation, Overlap, and Duplication and Achieve Other Financial Benefits.”

Within the report, virtually all government departments and agencies are dinged for wasteful, overlapped and duplicative spending – different departments spending money on the same programs and services.

In the condensed version of the report, the authors site no less than 724 areas of waste over the past eight years. In this latest version (2018), they found 68 new actions that need to be addressed. Of the 724, the GAO claims that 365 have been fully addressed and add that “the remaining actions could save tens of billions of dollars.”

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