WND Exclusive – EU Elites’ Tantrum Over Speaking English

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Liberals hate to lose. Heck, we all hate to lose. But leftists are different. They not only hate to lose, but can’t, or won’t, accept the fact that you can’t win them all. It’s like it is their birthright to win every election, every contest and prevail on every issue.

And when they don’t, we see what happens. For years, Rush Limbaugh has been repeating that yes, liberals are normally crazy – but it’s when they lose their power or get beaten on an issue that they really become unhinged.

It’s been months since liberals lost the presidential election and years since they’ve controlled both legislative Houses – yet they remain in denial, refusing to accept that they lost fair and square. For them, it will be sour grapes until they regain control – and they’ll continue to claim that there is something wrong with all of us. It’s never them or their message.

But as we know, Western-style liberals are indistinguishable the world over. They all think the same; they all act the same; and they resent anything and anyone who stands in the way of their ascent to utopian domination.

In this respect, the hierarchy of the European Union is identical to the American liberal elite. It is only proper that they control Europe and remain livid that the unwashed peasant-class in Great Britain was even afforded a vote to exit the EU. They still refuse to accept the Brexit vote and remain steadfast in their efforts to stifle the exit. How dare the Brits think they should be allowed to control their own destiny! That task, like in America, should be left to the experts.

So when I saw what The Atlantic had reported, I knew the sour grapes had not sweetened. “Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission [EC], has said ‘English is losing its importance in Europe,’ remarks that are certain to reignite tensions with the U.K. over its decision to leave the European Union,” wrote The Atlantic.

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