WND Exclusive – Congress just created a brand new dependency class

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by Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

What do you do if you want to create a new dependency class in America?

Well, you can do what the leftist progressives have done since the “Great Society” of Lyndon Johnson and his “War on Poverty.”

You simply pay people not to work. You offer up assistance programs that, over the years, grow into entitlement programs.

The people then get conditioned not to work while still collecting a check, so they begin to feel “entitled,” rather than thankful to receive the “free” money.

And after a period of time, you have what you wanted – a class of people solely dependent upon the beneficence of the government.

And, by the way, Johnson was able to do this by creating a “crisis” and calling the crisis a “war” on poverty.

There was no actual crisis in the ’60s, other than the angst over Vietnam, but that had nothing to do with “poverty.” Johnson, being a sycophant of FDR, just wanted what all progressives want – more power and control; so he and his people created a phony crisis, and then declared war on it.

Now we have a real-life crisis at hand, and finally one of the idiot leftist Democrats admitted as evidence what we have been shouting about for so many years.

Rep. James Clyburn, D-S.C., finally committed the cardinal sin of saying aloud what has gone unsaid yet we all knew to be true – that the Marxist Democrats really do want to use any and every crisis, regardless of the pain and suffering it causes their fellow citizens, as “An Opportunity to Restructure Things to Fit Our Vision.”

And of course that vision isn’t one of freedom and liberty. Quite the opposite. It is, and has always been, an all-powerful central authority that controls every facet of our lives and charges itself with the care of its people, a la King George III.

In other words, the polar opposite of the founders’ “vision” of a small, relatively insignificant national government with a largely self-reliant citizenry.

Part of the Democrats’ vision is creating yet another layer of dependency on government.

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