WND Exclusive – Batteries can’t do the Job Greenies Think

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from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

It seems that one of the major objectives of the Biden administration, and I guess all Democratic politicians, is to dismantle everything that built this nation and made it great, and of course to spend us into oblivion without acknowledging any consequence for their actions.

The one warped initiative that may end up being the most painful is the push to shut off the energy spigot and somehow replace it with fairy dust and unicorn farts.

Yes, I’m talking about the fantasy that green “renewable” energy can replace our current, efficient and abundant fuel sources like coal, oil and gas – and, of course, our cleanest and greenest source of energy, nuclear, which the left will barely acknowledge.

It was a grave concern of various myopic gloom and doomers for decades – the fear that we will reach “peak oil” soon, that discovery and production will decline and eventually just run out. Then what do we do?

The theory has been around since 1956 and “refers to the hypothetical point at which global crude oil production will hit its maximum rate, after which production will start to decline.”


But somehow, we just keep finding massive reserves of that awful oil and gas, and ingenious ways to extract it, so consequently, we hear much less from the “peak oil” crowd. They were merely replaced by other gloom and doomers: the green weenies.

And that leads us to today, where hopes (and promises) abound that green energy can somehow replace all current fuel sources.

And how? Well with wind farms and solar panels. Woke big tech firms like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple are all touting their pledge to become 100% renewable in less than a decade. Of course, they all remain attached to the “dirty” power grid because they know that the wind doesn’t always blow and the sun doesn’t always shine.

But what about battery backup? Doesn’t that solve the wind and sun issue?


No – no it doesn’t. Not even close. If it were the solution, we’d have “net zero” emissions already. It’s been the problem all along for supposed green energy – how to store enough power to maintain electricity when the wind isn’t blowing and sun isn’t shining.

This was proven in 2018 when Tesla produced the largest battery cluster storage unit for a wind farm in South Australia. As it turns out, according to Sky News Australia, this massive battery storage unit would only be capable of powering the region for an estimated three minutes – off-peak maybe for as much as a whole hour.

Physicist and engineer Mark Mills, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, explained that it would take Tesla’s production plant in Nevada, the world’s largest battery manufacturing facility, 500 years to produce enough batteries to power the United States for a single day.

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