WND Exclusive -Accountability for Sexcapades: Only in Private Sector

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Scandals involving every sort of impropriety have been blowing up over the last year. Virtually all of them involve Hollywood and Washington, D.C.

This year has shaped up, like no other, to be the year of the scandal. I wonder if the Chinese could, at this late date, retroactively change 2017 from the Year of the Rooster, to the Year of the Scandal? It’s probably too late. However, the way things are shaping up, 2018 will likely bring more of the same.

A woman called into Rush Limbaugh’s national radio program Thursday to discuss the topic of scandals. But it wasn’t just regarding the scandals themselves, but the response to them.

She had a very interesting and profound observation regarding accountability – so much so that it impressed Rush. And after almost 30 years on the radio, he isn’t impressed by many callers.

Her point went directly to the differences in accountability between the private and public sector. We geeks who follow this stuff are well aware of the stark contrast between the two, but it isn’t often that the entire nation has a chance to witness the disparity played out simultaneously. Sure, a year scarcely goes by when someone famous doesn’t fall from grace, but it is usually no more than one or two.

I can’t name another time in our history when there has been such a plethora of disgraceful behavior, perpetrated by so many – and virtually all for the same crime of sexual misconduct. But it’s the reaction to these scandals that is so telling, and what the caller stressed.

The list of depraved Hollywood and media heavyweights being brought down grows steadily. Yet regardless how powerful they are, or have been, when the scandal finally does break, most are immediately dispatched. For how long is anyone’s guess. Only time will tell.

Kevin Spacey is a shining example of a private-sector reaction. Once public, it took almost no time for Spacey to be virtually wiped away from all reference on the big and small screen.

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