WND Exclusive – 3D-Gun Blueprints: A Crisis the left Just Can’t Waste

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Those who feel it’s perfectly appropriate to pass legislation to make it “unlawful for any person to publish” the blueprints to a 3D-printed handgun-looking thing clearly do not understand the Constitution or the progressive nature of legal or legislative precedent.

Utah Sen. Mike Lee appears to be the only one on Capitol Hill who does. Or he is at least the only one with the courage to say so out loud.

Sen. Lee also appears to be the only one who knows full well that this legislation is not a unique or a one-off event, and that it’s not about blueprints.

“When you talk about publishing instructions to do something rather than banning the thing itself, you run into some potential First Amendment problems,” the Utah Republican said Wednesday.

And he’s correct, as usual. Of course, regarding anything regarding the Constitution, when isn’t he?

It’s hard to say whether Florida Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson gave any thought to the potential consequence of trying to pass a bill to “make it illegal to intentionally publish a digital file that programs a 3D printer to make a gun,” or not.

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