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from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

As a rule, I don’t call for mass boycotts. You’ll never see me on social media calling out some business I feel has somehow wronged me and soliciting others to protest or stop patronizing XYZ Inc.

But I’m making an exception in the case of Walmart.

Normally, I just don’t feel that strongly about these types of things. Businesses I choose to patronize is personal, and my idea of a boycott is to just halt my patronage – either permanently or until the store or chain in question rectifies the situation to my satisfaction.

Last year, because of Target stores’ new “trans policy,” which allows men who dress up as women to use the women’s changing rooms, I decided never to darken the door of another Target. I thought it ridiculous for a major chain store to cave to a radical fringe element that encompasses a fraction of a fraction of our population. That, and the whole transgender thing is crock.

But Target is a private company, and if its powers-that-be decide to kowtow to every whacky group out there, it’s their decision.

I may have shared my decision of a personal Target boycott online, but I didn’t encourage others to join in. As we know, many did anyway. For me personally, it was no big loss, as I rarely ventured into a Target store.

However, when an individual or company starts messing about with our Constitution, that’s entirely different. When they lose the courage to stand up to leftist radicals and instead throw-in with them, then I’m done.

Walmart played a major role in bringing China out of the Stone Age and transforming that nation into a superpower. As an American, I’m not thrilled with that, but as a consumer, I live with it.

But despite the origin of many of their products, Walmart has always been known as “the” American superstore for the blue-collar worker. It was a place, particularly more recently, to one-stop-shop for almost everything – from electronics to clothing, from tires to toasters, to ammunition and even groceries. For regular folk, there really isn’t much they don’t have. I’ve purchased pistol and shotgun ammo at my local Walmart.

But no more. And now worse, a good guy with a gun will no longer be allowed in.

Walmart has decided to cave to the leftist scaremongers, and its CEO, Doug McMillon, has bought, hook, line and sinker, virtually every leftist talking point.

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