Winter’s Coming – Antelife Temp-Control Gloves

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The Antelife G1 gloves are currently on Indiegogo – note the LED display at the bottom of the wrist cuff
The Antelife G1 gloves are currently on Indiegogo – note the LED display at the bottom of the wrist cuff
Ben Coxworth/New Atlas

Although there are now many heated gloves on the market, the Antelife G1 is claimed to be the world’s first to feature precisely adjustable heat. I recently had the chance to try a pair out, and they performed just as advertised.

  • Good construction
  • Comfortable
  • Decent battery life
  • They do keep your hands warm
  • Lower settings may be lost on some users

As anyone who lives in a winter climate will know, gloves allow for way more manual dexterity than mittens. Unfortunately, though, they don’t keep your hands as warm, since your fingers aren’t able to share their body heat with one another. As a result, folks who want dexterity and warmth often look to battery-powered heated gloves.

Typically, such gloves feature just two or three preset heat levels. The engineers at Hong Kong-based electronics company Antelife figured that setup wasn’t good enough, as it could leave users having to choose between settings that are either too hot or too cold.

That’s where the G1 gloves come in, as button controls and an LED display on each one allow users to precisely set the heat anywhere from 40 to 65 ºC (104 to 149 ºF). Carbon fiber heating-wire elements running along the back of the hand and each finger then kick in, with an internal temperature sensor detecting when the target temperature has been reached.

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