Windows 10 is Here

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The wait is over. Windows 10 is here.

Windows 10, one of the most important products Microsoft has released in its 40-year history, is available. I base my opinion of its importance on the way that Windows 8/8.1 has struggled in the market, and the way computing has changed from the days of mouse and keyboard to today’s idea of touchscreens and mobile devices.

As I’ve said before, Microsoft needs Windows 10 to do well.

It’s likely to be the last named version of the operating system (OS), with updates coming at regular intervals, but no brand-new OSes. Microsoft sees Windows 10 becoming the standard OS on much more than just standard PCs like desktops and laptops: its vision includes tablets (via the Surface 3 andSurface Pro 3); phones (assuming Windows Phone sticks around, which isn’t a safe bet anymore); and the Internet of Things, or IoT, which includes the universe of connected devices like refrigerators, thermostats, and even cars and shoes. If this happens, Microsoft may hit its stated goal of Windows 10 on one billion devices.

Best New Features

That will only happen, though, if the public likes it. The public is you, and here are some of the top (but by no means, the only) reasons I think you’ll like Windows 10:

  • It’s free. This is a big deal — Microsoft has never before made a major new OS free. If you own Windows 7, or Windows 8/8.1, you can download and install Windows 10 without charge. Considering that it takes a huge amount of work and manpower to develop something as complex as an OS, giving it away is something of a risk, but it’s one that Microsoft needed to take. Note that you can get it free for a year from today; if you wait any longer, you’ll have to buy it.

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