Where did Assad get the Chemical Weapons?

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Once again, it is demonstrated that hollow diplomacy with no threat of anything behind it is utterly useless and all for show. And also monumentally naïve.

from Glenn Beck:

Obama got rid of all Syria’s chemical weapons, right? Nope.

More than 60 are dead and over 1,000 wounded in yet ANOTHER chemical weapons attack inside Syria.

It’s been exactly one year, to the week, since President Trump retaliated with 59 cruise missiles after the last chemical attack inside Syria. The images of men, women and children lying dead or foaming at the mouth, that reportedly prompted the President to strike last year, were just as gruesome and horrifying over the weekend.

The UN has called an emergency meeting for sometime today, but really, does anyone actually expect anything to come out of UN meetings anymore?

When Assad used chemical weapons 12 months ago, the UN Security Council was blocked from retaliation by a veto from Russia. It’ll be the same exact scenario today. All eyes will then shift to President Trump, who may decide to act unilaterally as he did last year.

For the first time ever, in a tweet sent yesterday, the President called out Putin directly, placing the blame squarely on his shoulders for quote “backing Animal Assad.” “Deny, deny, deny.” Russia has responded in the typical Russian manner: Deny, deny, deny. Russia apparently thinks chemical attacks just materialize out of thin air. First in the UK and now Syria. Putin is in danger of becoming the international Alex Jones.

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