When Will We Learn – Never Apologize to the Left

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by: Brent Smith

As human beings, most of us go out of our way not to offend one another.

And if we mistakenly do so, more often than not, we apologize. Maybe the other party simply mistook what was expressed. Maybe we didn’t express or explain our point properly. It could be any number of things.

But when it’s said and done, it’s over – what under the bridge. This is part and parcel of human interaction. We say or do something stupid or impulsive, we apologize – all is forgiven and life goes on.

But this doesn’t always work. In fact it has not, and never will work when you’re dealing with a leftist.

It’s why many of us crazy conservatives have stressed over and over again, that you simply do not, cannot and must never apologize to the left – for anything. They cannot be treated like normal people. And if my use of the word ‘normal’ offends, first, you’re a woke child, and second, to frickin bad. I’m not going to apologize for that or anything else.

The saying, ‘Give them and inch, and they’ll take a mile,’ defines who leftists are. They are like predators, who once they smell blood, figuratively speaking, in the form of an apology, they know their prey, you, has been wounded. And then they set out to, not accept your contrition, but to destroy you, knowing that it is far easier to kill (again, figuratively) and wounded animal.

from TownHall:

How Many Times Must We Tell You to Never Apologize to These Scumbags?

That Mumford & Sons banjo guy is a pathetic weenie who the left hates and who we despise, and who now has to live forever as a groveling coward nobody likes. Yeah, he was in Mumford & Sons and managed to find a way to make people like him less. What did he do? He gave in. He submitted. He begged for forgiveness instead of telling the fussy rage mobs to kiss his smilin’ Schumer.

Really people, this is getting exhausting. How many times do we have to say it? How many people have to plead for forgiveness and end up humiliated, broken, and – not incidentally – unforgiven before people understand that the only effective response to these monsters’ fake outrage is to flip them the middle 20 percent of the fingers of a Bulwark staffer’s primary erotic partner?

Never never never give them an inch. It always ends badly.

Sharon Osborne apologized for the crime of not simping for the mouthy American twit and her ridiculous in-bred Brit beau. Metal Yoko slept with a dude who ate bat heads and now she cares that dorks on Twitter say she’s mean?

Stacy Dash did it too. She recently gave some interview where she pleaded that she’s now sorry for being a black conservative. And the left welcomed her with open nothings. Dash started trending on social media after the left, like prissy little piranhas, went into a feeding frenzy. If you want to see systemic racism, just look at liberal Twitter.

For those of you who have not been paying attention, it’s not about “racism” or “sexism” or whatever -ism or -phobia these tools are pretending to be upset about this week. The left actively supports racism and sexism – leftists are affirmatively in favor of those things, so it’s not like their performative pouting is a good faith critique of their victim’s words.

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