When is a Boat not Really a Boat

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Peugeot/Benetau Sea Drive concept: a sideless, bottomless boat concept? Wait a minute
Peugeot/Benetau Sea Drive concept: a sideless, bottomless boat concept? Wait a minute(Credit: Peugeot/Benetau)

What the heck is Peugeot doing building a sideless, bottomless speedboat/yacht hybrid thing with Benetau?

How does that thing even float? Won’t your feet get awfully wet? These are a number of questions that entered my head before I realized the Sea Drive concept isn’t actually a boat at all.

The Sea Drive concept is a technology demonstrator unit that was built for the Paris boat show, which Peugeot used to show off its i-Cockpit touchscreen console. Benetau is integrating Peugeot’s car tech with marine systems and calling it all Ship Control. There, I just went through the process of feeling like an idiot, so you don’t have to.

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