Western Leaders Show Arrogance on Climate

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

Why did I think German Chancellor Angela Merkel might be the voice of reason when it came to discussing global warming? I guess I just figured that of all the failing European economies, Germany’s was probably failing the least and why would they drive a stake through their own hard after witnessing the economic catastrophe that the green agenda wreaked on neighboring Spain.

But when it comes to the church of climate change, virtually all Europeans have become parishioners. And it seems the Chancellor is now leading the pack, as reported by Politico yesterday. They wrote that “German Chancellor Angela Merkel won a significant victory in persuading the rest of the G-7 to adopt ambitious emissions targets ahead of December’s Paris climate summit.”

And what is this ambitious target? She got the G-7 to agree to “limit the increase in global temperatures to a maximum of 2°C above preindustrial levels…”

Okay – I wasn’t aware that the G-7 leaders recently relocated to Mount Olympus to become omnipotent beings. But that must be their plan if they think they can, I simply stating the goal, somehow limit what the Earth is naturally done for eons. It’s that or our world leaders have taken the combination of arrogance and stupidity to a height not witnessed in history.

Do they ever sit back and listen to what they claim? It’s utterly preposterous!

Yet Merkel says that “Even if G-7 countries had zero emissions tomorrow we still couldn’t solve the climate problem.” Of course she is referring to convincing the developing world to buy into the climate nonsense, whereas we understand that the climate has drastically changed over history multiple times before there were any human “emissions”, or for that matter, any humans.

And what about this 2° limit thing? Why did they choose 2 degrees and not one or five or whatever? Well, they didn’t. It was chosen long ago in a galaxy far away. No, not really. It has actually been floating around since 1975 when a nonscientist, Yale economics professor, William Nordhaus  “alluded to the danger of passing a threshold of 2° in a pair  of now famous papers, suggesting that the warming of more than 2° would push the climate beyond the limits humans were familiar with.”

And as many bogus theories begin, this is how the 2° limit has magically become the benchmark for destroying the world economy.

But everyone in the warmest community has accepted the 2° limit as indisputable scientific fact. In 2010 the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change adopted the 2° limit.

And now that the 2° mark, posited by an economist, has become the scientific benchmark for the world, there’s nowhere to go but down. That’s right – just like all other leftist causes – they can never be satisfied, which is why the global warming gods are discussing a tougher 1.5° limit, although the whack job James Hansen is pushing for a 1° limit.

The saddest part of this is that these warmest really do believe they can manipulate the climate to fit their idea of maintaining the perfection they envision. Yet others, like Al Gore are just frauds who get rich off the mass ignorance of the G-7 Olympians.

Unfortunately, the only way to fully discredit all these ridiculous claims of certain doom is time, which, if the G-7s get their way, we may run out of before the claims of man caused disaster are debunked.

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