We’re Doomed if These Kids Represent the Next Generation

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Will Witt for Prager University visited Cal State University – Northridge. He set up a table on campus and asked student passers-by to rank five figures throughout history from what they consider best to worst.

And the results, save for one or two, were catastrophically bad. Among the figures were of course Donald Trump, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. The kids were at least able to identify them. Yet many college aged kids could not identify Hitler, Stalin or Jesus.

Worse than that – in at least one instance, a pair of black students ranked Trump below Hitler. The reason given was that Trump is childish and he tried to end food stamps, which he never did. Will asked if being childish or ending food stamps was worst than killing 6 million Jews.

The two looked at him as if this was the first they’ve heard of it – like the Holocaust never existed or at the very least, was never discussed. The female looked at Will and said, “He did that?”

Yep – we’re doomed, and we’re paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in tuition for that privilege.

Enjoy the video (he said tongue-in-cheek):

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