Weekly Weapon Advice – Pros and Cons of Single Stack vs Double Stack Pistols

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from my buddies at GunPros.com:

“Single stack” and “double stack” are terms used to describe the way in which ammunition is fit into a magazine. Single stack magazines layer rounds in a single vertical row, while double stack magazines hold two vertically staggered rows packed tightly next to each other. Double stack guns, therefore, have the advantage of holding more ammunition. Single stacks carry less ammunition, but are obviously less wide, which makes them generally lighter, thinner, and more easily concealed.

Comparisons between single and double stack are most often made within the context of choosing an ideal concealed carry weapon. A smaller single stack firearm has historically been the most popular choice for concealed carriers. However, double stacks are becoming increasingly popular for those who value the extra ammo capacity. Choosing between the two often comes down to personal preference. The following article will outline additional factors to consider when making your decision. But first, a little background on the double stack.

In this guide, we’ll cover:


Single Stack vs Double Stack Magazine

While the single stack magazine has long served as the traditional model for pistols worldwide, the modernized double stack or double-row magazine is less than a century old. Development of the double stack pistol began in 1921, when the French military requested firearm manufacturer Fabrique Nationale (FN) create a new semi-automatic 9mm pistol with an upgraded 15-round magazine. FN’s chief weapons designer John Browning is said to have initially declined the request of the French military under the opinion that traditional single stack magazines capable of holding seven or eight rounds were sufficient.

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