Weapon Wednesday – Space Force Satellite Jammer

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The U.S. Space Force has received its first “weapon,” the Counter Communications System.
CCS is designed to prevent nearby adversaries from accessing their own military satellite communications, cutting them off from their home countries.
In addition to the United States, Russia and China are working on their own satellite communications jammers.

The U.S. Space Force has received its first offensive weapon system, but it may not be what you think. The “weapon” is actually a jammer capable of preventing adversaries from accessing their own military communications satellites. While that may not sound like much on the surface, it has huge implications for modern armed forces that rely on satellites to receive orders from home.

The Space Force’s 4th Space Control Squadron, based at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, received a Counter Communications System Block 10.2 system. The Pentagon described it in 2019 as a:

“…expeditionary, deployable, reversible offensive space control (OCS) effects applicable across the full spectrum of conflict. It prevents adversary Satellite Communications (SATCOM) in Area of Responsibility (AOR) including Command & Control (C2), Early Warning and Propaganda, and hosts Rapid Reaction Capabilities in response to Urgent Needs.”

In other words CCS can be flown into a wartime theater on a military transport airplane and then turned on to cut off nearby enemy units from their own military communications satellites. It would cut adversaries off from their own satellite communications, including videoconferencing, and prevent them from receiving warnings of impending U.S. and allied missile strikes.

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