Weapon Wednesday – Royal Marine Gravity Jet Suit

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The UK's Royal Marines put the Gravity jet suit to "very successful" use in ship boarding demo exercises
The UK’s Royal Marines put the Gravity jet suit to “very successful” use in ship boarding demo exercises
Gravity Industries

Jet suits, jetpacks, jetboards … The new range of crazy personal flight devices all share some things in common: plenty of people would love to fly one, very few have the cash to own one, and even fewer can probably be trusted to fly them safely and legally.

So they’re more or less stuck doing demonstration flights these days, and as routine as these spectacular demos are becoming, it doesn’t feel like we’re any closer to seeing them hanging on the wall in the outdoor sports aisle at Walmart.

But the pioneers in this field have spent untold hours developing and honing their remarkable aircraft and their skills, and they’re as keen as anyone else to see a return on their investments. And military organizations the world over have deep pockets, a wide range of mission capabilities they need to continue honing, and perhaps more to gain than anyone else from the shock and awe potential of airborne super troopers that can approach a situation vertically, riding on ear-splitting personal jet devices.

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