Weapon Wednesday – Ratheon’s Stormbreaker Guided Bomb

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  • A U.S. Navy Super Hornet successfully launched a Stormbreaker guided bomb, paving the way for service adoption.
  • Stormbreaker is capable of homing in on both stationary and moving targets, even in bad weather.
  • The Super Hornet is the second U.S. military warplane to carry Stormbreaker, after the F-15E Strike Eagle.

A U.S. Navy F/A-18E/F Super Hornet successfully launched a Stormbreaker glide bomb, a major step towards initial operational capability later this year. Stormbreaker is the Pentagon’s most advanced smart bomb to date, capable of seeking out and destroying moving targets and flying in night and adverse weather conditions.

Stormbreaker is a glide bomb designed to attack moving targets in all weather conditions. The bomb is capable of gliding up to 45 miles using wings and tail fins that deploy after launch. Stormbreaker then homes in on a target illuminated by a laser, with illumination provided by a second aircraft or troops on the ground. A millimeter-wave radar seeker allows the bomb to see through clouds, fog, and smoke, while an imaging infrared sensor gives Stormbreaker the ability to distinguish between the target and something that merely looks like a target.

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