Weapon Wednesday – New Bite Sleeve for Military Dogs

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The new bite sleeve more accurately simulates the texture of human skin
The new bite sleeve more accurately simulates the texture of human skin
US Army

The US Army has developed a more realistic bite sleeve for training military working dogs. Worn by the trainer during biting exercises, the protective silicone and Kevlar sleeve looks and feels more like a human arm when bitten, but still shields the wearer from harm.

Military working dogs are an integral and extremely valuable part of modern armies. With their intelligence, keen senses, agility, protective nature, and intense loyalty to their handlers, they fulfill a wide variety of duties, including security, patrol, explosives and drug detection, tracking, search and rescue, guard, sentry and tactical missions.

Like their human counterparts, these canines require the highest levels of very expensive training. In particular, they need to know how and where to bite when they need to help restrain a potentially hostile person. The dogs need to learn not to attack particularly vulnerable areas, like the face, neck, or groin, and even when going for the arm, they need to know how and where to bite.

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