Weapon Wednesday – Army’s Tactical Augmented Reality Device

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The TAR display is mounted on regular US Army helmets
The TAR display is mounted on regular US Army helmets (Credit: David Vergun)

Information is power when a soldier is enveloped by the fog of war. Precisely locating the positions of both friends and foes is key for a mission to roll out both smoothly and without avoidable casualties. The US Army has just revealed its latest innovation, a head-up display system for soldiers called “Tactical Augmented Reality,” or TAR.

The TAR system is a small, one-inch-by-one-inch (2.5 x 2.5 cm) eyepiece that is mounted on a soldier’s helmet. The eyepiece overlays a map onto the soldier’s field of vision, instantly offering target information and GPS-tracked data showing where the rest of their team is located.

Designed to replace a soldier’s handheld GPS device, the TAR device is also wirelessly connected to a tablet worn on a soldier’s waist, and to a thermal site mounted on the their rifle.

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