Was a CNN Rescue Staged?

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from American Thinker:

In Houston, is CNN that desperate?

After getting egg all over its face from an angry Houston-area flood victim who didn’t like a microphone stuck in her face, CNN

seems to be resorting to increasingly desperate tactics, venturing possibly into fake news.

Wiith suspicious timing, a CNN camera crew team, led by Drew Griffin, rescued a Beaumont-area flood victim from a floating truck, positioned right behind the camera. The reporter and his team dropped their camera stand-up work and apparently ran to rescue the man from the submerged vehicle, making themselves heroes, all the more so because the victim this time explicitly stated that they saved his lives. Business Insider reports:

A CNN crew rescued a man who accidentally drove his truck into a flooded ditch in Beaumont, Texas, on Wednesday.

“We just literally rescued this guy out,” Drew Griffin, a CNN correspondent, said on-camera after the dramatic rescue. “This man just accidentally drove into a ravine that looked like a road.”

“And his truck just went in, and it’s now going down that ravine,” he said. “It happens within seconds.”

Griffin was reporting on Hurricane Harvey in the southeastern Texas town, 85 miles west of Houston, when the crew spotted a white pickup truck enter what looked like a street covered in water but was actually a flooded drainage ditch. Griffin called out to the driver as the truck began to float away.

Using a rope they had on hand, the crew members were able to pull the man out from the vehicle and bring him to dry land.

“There was no time to call 911,” Griffin said, adding that “there was no way they were going to get here in time.”

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2 comments on “Was a CNN Rescue Staged?

  1. Quick change artists must have their change of clothes set up in such a way that they can be switched in an instant. This means preparation. In the public, such preparation would be blatantly obvious. This smacks of a poor example of a stunt double.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Like they just happened to have a change of clothes at that exact moment.

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