Vision Venture Autonomous Driving Camper

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A more relaxing way to travel and glamp
A more relaxing way to travel and glamp
Erwin Hymer Group

Hymer made quite a splash at this year’s Düsseldorf Caravan Salon with the Vision Venture, an exceptional plus-sized camper van concept that foretells a very capable, comfortable camping future for the year 2025. But it didn’t drop the crystal ball after designing that Mercedes-badged van, traveling a little farther into the future to show how autonomous driving will recast the vehicle camping experience.

Concept Galileo looks ahead to the year 2030, when we could have self-driving, tour-guiding camper pods customized to the traveler’s every whim. It’s a future in which ultra-stylish rented living pods may very well replace not only older motorhomes and trailers but even some hotels and permanent residences.

We’ve seen a ton of information about self-driving commuter cars, semi trucks and taxis over the years, but we really have little idea about how – or even if – RV manufacturers are preparing to reshape leisure experiences around self-driving technology. The RV industry isn’t exactly the most progressive out there, so we suppose most brands are content to just hold back while the tech shakes out on the automotive side. That’s a shame because autonomous, all-electric vehicles offer some very unique and exciting opportunities for the motorhome market. Not only will they enhance holiday R&R and sightseeing by eliminating the tedious task of driving hundreds or thousands of miles, they should also open up interior space and design opportunities, allowing for new layouts, more beds and more amenities.

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