Twitter Limits Followers

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You’ve heard the rumors about it and maybe you’ve even hit some of the limits, but, yes, it’s true: There are limits to the number of followers you can have. Keep in mind that the number of followers isn’t the only limit Twitter has set in place. Here’s a list of what they keep limits on:

  • Number of followers
  • Daily Update Limits
  • Daily Direct Messages
  • Daily API Requests

Daily Update Limits

You can publish up to 1,000 total updates to your Twitter account per day from all devices combined (Web, cell phone, etc.).

When you surpass 1,000 updates in a 24-hour period, you won’t be able to make any additional updates until the time period passes.

Daily Direct Message Limits

Twitter limits direct messages to 250 total per day on all devices (Web, cell phone, etc.). As an alternative to Twitter direct messages, you can always ask people to send messages to your personal email account.

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