The Vario Perfect 1200 Platinum Motorhome

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The new-generation Vario Perfect 1200 Platinum debuts at this year's Caravan Salon
The new-generation Vario Perfect 1200 Platinum debuts at this year’s Caravan Salon
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For last year’s Düsseldorf Caravan Salon, Variomobil introduced the fourth generation of its “Perfect” line of ultra-luxury motorhomes, revealing the Mercedes Actros-based Perfect 1000. How do you follow up such an impressive exhibition appearance? By climbing even higher up the ladder and revealing the larger, more exclusive flagship model, the Perfect 1200 Platinum. A little piece of exclusive real estate built onto a triple-axle Mercedes chassis, the new 1200 features a massive living space broadened by three electro-hydraulic slide-outs and enhanced with nightclub-grade audio and intelligent lighting, all the appliances of home, and an XXL garage large enough to bring along a high-powered grand tourer … say, a Mercedes-AMG GT.

A close relative of the Signature 1200 we covered in 2017, the Perfect 1200 Platinum is one of the awe-inspiring creations from one of the world’s awe-inspiring crafters of opulent motorhomes. It measures 39 full feet (12 m) in length, carrying a gross vehicle weight rating of 26 tonnes. We can’t even imagine captaining this beastly wheeled yacht through the tiny, tight-cornered roadways of European cities and villages, but we’d certainly be willing to hop in the passenger seat and come along for the ride.

The 39-ft Perfect 1200 packed up and ready to drive

The 39-ft Perfect 1200 packed up and ready to drive

The fourth-generation Perfect series features an updated self-supporting fiberglass sandwich bodywork construction and structure-enhancing, UV-filtering panoramic windshield design. We prefer the bare, three-pointed star-badged automotive-grade grille of the Signature series, but the new Platinum still manages to make a very good first impression with its understated neutral color scheme, long countersunk window line and angled facial features.

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