The Rest Must Step Aside and Support Ted Cruz

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

On his radio show Wednesday morning, Glenn and his posse, Pat, Stu and Jeffy, did a recap of the Super Tuesday results. Everyone now knows that despite Trump winning 7 States, his night was not the runaway success he predicted and that pundits touted the day after.

As it stands today, before this weekend’s five primaries, the delegate count is relatively close – less than 100 delegates separate Trump and Cruz. Then there are the other three, Rubio, Kasich and Carson. Combined, the bottom three doesn’t even come close to Cruz’s delegate count, much less Trump’s.

So that would lead any thinking person to conclude that there is, as Ben Carson said, “no way forward” for any of these three. Try as he may, Rubio can attempt to put lipstick on his pig of a campaign, but it won’t change the facts. And they are that there is no way for him to win.

Carson has admitted his campaign is going nowhere, yet we must wait until today for an official announcement during his speech at CPAC – I guess. Everyone expects him to announce – but with this guy – who knows. It’s very odd. One would expect most of his votes would revert to Cruz, but again – who knows.

Then there’s Kasich. Did you know he was the son of a Mailman? If you didn’t, you’d be the only one. He, like Rubio, appears to be hanging on until his state’s primary on March 15. He obviously is going nowhere but I guess he wants to prove he can win his state. Ohio has historically been an important general election state. Perhaps, if he shows he can win there, Trump will tag him for dreamteam1V.P. Otherwise he’s just wasting everyone’s time.

Marco Rubio, in his heart of hearts, has to know he can’t win. I agree with Beck that left to his own devices he would drop out. But he’s surrounded himself with the establishment brain-trust who is filling his head with phony visions of grandeur. If the polls are anywhere close, he will be swamped on the 15th in his home state, and then it really will be over.

Unfortunately, if he waits until then to finally concede, it will be too late. The 15th has 6 winner-take-all races. If Trump wins them, it’s probably over – for everyone.

So again, I agree with Beck when he says Rubio and Carson must withdraw immediately and coalesce behind Cruz. Beck says despite their differences, Cruz should ask Rubio to be his running mate. Will he do it? Cruz might – he may have already. Would Rubio agree to it? That’s rather doubtful, but for the good of the nation, he certainly should.

Again the problem goes back to Rubio’s brain-trust – the beltway establishment boys who would rue the day Cruz ever became Chief Executive. As Beck said – there’s too much money and power concentrated in Washington and these guys are not going to give that up for God or Country or anything. Beck says Cruz would say to them: “Get out. Get out. All of this is unconstitutional, get out. Let’s listen to the people.” The beltway leaches would never stand for that. They will support anyone but Cruz – even Trump – even Hillary.

The only shot we have at derailing The Donald is to unite behind Cruz – develop an unstoppable “Dream Team.” To do so would mean offering them each a position in a Cruz administration. This would not be difficult as many ex-candidates have a lot to offer. Beck says he would tap Rubio as V.P. I agree. He says Rand Paul would make an excellent Treasury Secretary. I certainly agree with that. Carson should be promoted to become the new Florida Senator, taking Rubio’s seat. That or Surgeon General and heading up the healthcare transition back to the private sector. Heck, I might even tap Carly Fiorina for Secretary of State.

Beck added that he would select Mike Lee to become the next Supreme Court Justice. I agree, although I would rather keep him in the Senate and ask Mark Levin to fill the vacancy.

As Ted Cruz has said since Iowa – he is the only one who has and can defeat Donald Trump – Rubio’s paltry Minnesota win not withstanding. No one else has even a remote shot. But Cruz can’t do it alone. For the good of the republic, this coalescence must happen – and fast.

3 comments on “The Rest Must Step Aside and Support Ted Cruz

  1. Absolutely dead on correct, sir.
    We don’t have the time to wait for Rubio and Kasich to try and save face in their home states. Actually it’s more likely that both of them will get embarrassed in their home states, which I would think they would want to avoid. At this point, at least they can claim to be doing the noble thing, stepping down for the good of the country before their “sure victories” at home. For now they can leave with their heads held high rather than leaving in shame after losing their home states. And the cherry on top is that they would become part of the winning team and head off the national disaster that is either a Hillary OR a Trump presidency.
    So what are they waiting for?

    • Their egos are preventing them from stepping aside. Once again, U.S. conservatives are shut out and shut down.

  2. Wow. Ted Cruz as President? The very idea is too frightening to consider. Aside from that, the entire article is based upon a false premise – that Ted Cruz is the only candidate able to prevent Donald Trump becoming the nominee. What’s actually being put forth here is that Carson, Rubio, and Kasich must drop out and swing their delegates over to Ted Cruz, because…..well, just BECAUSE! And that just isn’t a good enough reason.

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