The Perfect Camping Spork

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The Morsel Spork: 18 months of hardcore engineering and testing distilled into a single camping utensil
The Morsel Spork: 18 months of hardcore engineering and testing distilled into a single camping utensil(Credit: Morsel Spork)

If you’re going to spend a whole 18 months re-designing the camping spork, you might as well make the world’s most badass single outdoor eating/cooking contraption. And that, in the estimation of its creators, is what we’re looking at here with the Morsel Spork.

Yes, it’s got the forky part, and a cutting edge, and a spoony part. Such things are pedestrian and expected. But unlike a traditional spork, they’re not sequestered on one end of the device. The Morsel separates them with a long handle that lets it serve double duty as a cooking tool.

Crucially, it’s also better than a spoon. Because it’s got a rubber edge that goes round the outside of the spoon and halfway down the handle on one side, giving it the spatula-like capability of scraping things completely clean. There will be no corner of the yogurt container to hide in, little blob of dairy goodness; the Morsel is coming for you.

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