The Nautilus Eco-Resort

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The Nautilus Eco-Resort showcases Vincent Callebaut's unique take on futuristic sustainable architecture
The Nautilus Eco-Resort showcases Vincent Callebaut’s unique take on futuristic sustainable architecture(Credit: Vincent Callebaut Architectures)

Regular readers are likely familiar with Vincent Callebaut Architectures. The Paris-based firm continues to refine its unique take on sustainable architecture with its latest concept, the Nautilus Eco-Resort. Envisioned for the Philippines, the ambitious project would include rotating buildings and enough sustainable technology to ensure a surplus of energy is produced.

The Nautilus Eco-Resort would be located in a bay in an unspecified location in the Philippines, in shallow, calm waters, and would be supported on telescopic piles. The buildings would arranged into a shape inspired by the Fibonacci sequence.

A total of 12 spiral towers of varying heights would host tourists in apartments. The towers would rotate to follow the sun, a full 360-degrees a day, a bit like the 359 tiny house, but automated. Nearby, a dozen sea snail-shaped buildings would include exhibition spaces on the ground floor that explain environmental challenges and concerns, with hotel spaces above.

Multiple small pavilions would be scattered around the Nautilus Eco-Resort and at its center there would be a large multi-purpose timber building shaped like a mountain. Its roof would be covered with vegetable gardens and organic orchards, while the interior would include a sports pool and seawater leisure pool, scientific laboratories, an elementary school, a children’s home, and a sports hall for local youth.

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