The Lie of a Palestinian State

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Part Two of Two

from The American Spectator:

The Myth and Fraud That There Ever Was an Arab Country or People Called ‘Palestine’ (Part Two of Two)Image result for Palestine lie

As noted in the prior installment, the entire “Palestine” myth is built on one Big Lie after another. Recently, the New York Times even published an article asserting that Jesus was a “Palestinian Arab.” Having spread the Big Lie for so long — half a century — having defrauded so many gullible people and a new generation of campus ignoramuses to believe the Big Lie that there ever was any Arab country called “Palestine” and the concomitant Big Lie that there ever was an ancient Arab people called “The Palestinians,” they now have moved to the next phase: that Jesus supposedly was one.

For the two thousand years after the Romans renamed Israel, the land of “Palestine” was synonymous with the Land of Israel. There never was an Arab political entity called “Palestine.” No Arabs denominated themselves “The Palestinians.” Open an Encyclopedia pre-dating 1964, and look up “Palestine.” Google and find the name of any Arab Muslim who ever was the “King of Palestine,” the “Sheikh of Palestine,” the “Emperor of Palestine,” the “Prime Minister of Palestine,” the “President of Palestine.” There never was an Arab anything called “Palestine” and never an Arab people by such name, not even a soccer team — not even “Palestinian” terrorists through all the centuries before the 1920s. Today’s Grand Mufti of Jerusalem preaches that there never was a Jewish temple in Jerusalem. Mahmoud Abbas, Holocaust Denier and leader of the Palestine Authority, likewise denies all such history. That Big Lie not only negates Judaism but also Christianity’s core narrative of the life of Jesus.

Roman conquerors under Vespasian and Titus destroyed the Holy Temple in the year 70, and the Romans drove most of the remaining Jews out of Israel in the year 135 under Hadrian and Julius Severus with the fall of Fortress Betar. To extinguish the Jewish bond with the land for all forthcoming eternity, and to prevent yet another Jewish return to Israel from Exile as had happened only seventy years after the Babylonian expulsion of 586 B.C., the Romans changed th every name of the land to identify it with the pagan Biblical peoples who preceded the Jews there before Joshua: the Philistines (“Plishtim,” in Biblical Hebrew). That is where the name “Palestine” comes fromNot Arabs bearing a name — but Rome renaming the conquered Land of Israel for the Plishtim, the Philistines of the time of Joshua and Samson and King Saul. Those Biblical Philistines clung to the Gaza-Ashkelon corridor along the Mediterranean coast, utterly irrelevant to the Judea-Samaria (“West Bank”) heartland. There were no Arab Muslims in the Bible. Indeed, there was no Islam until Mohammed half a millennium later in the Seventh Century.

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