The Lefts Quandary Over Tobacco

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by: the Common Constitutionalist:

A rather odd convergence of stories and events is taking place this week and they all center on tobacco.

This week in Moscow, United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) is holding the COP6, the sixth meeting of the Convention of the Parties to discuss the FCTC, the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. That’s a lot of acronyms! I feel like I’m back in the Navy.

As is typical of the despots at the U.N., a completely inept and ineffective organization, it is unable to make a real contribution to mankind. It must instead look for phantoms to battle – straw dogs.

To the left, tobacco is a vilified substance. It’s an easy target, so why not go after it?

First they have to label tobacco use as a global epidemic, which they have. Now, because it’s an “epidemic”, its essential that control of the substance be ramped up – thus the COP6. Through COP6, the WHO hopes to limit worldwide tobacco consumption, the way liberals always do – by taxation, price increases and regulation.

As an aside: have you ever noticed that liberals, progressives, etc. understand that if you want less of something evil like tobacco or “dirty energy”, just increase its price, regulate it more heavily and tax it to death, yet they can’t equate the same principle to a loss of jobs, production or the private sector? Strange, isn’t it?

Anyway, true to form, they did just that on Tuesday of this week. The Blaze reported that the WHO, “removed members of the press and public from a meeting in Russia, then quickly adopted a recommendation calling for a huge tax hike on tobacco products around the world, one that would likely harm U.S. tobacco growers in Kentucky and North Carolina.” Remember this – I’ll circle back to it.

The Libyan delegate stated, “I don’t see the usefulness of having the public in these meetings.” And because of this “private meeting”, we’ll probably never discover how the various scoundrels voted. That’s awful handy, eh?

So we know the nannies at the United Nations wish to eradicate tobacco. No doubt, if they had their way, there would be no tobacco plants growing anywhere. Marijuana plants okay – but not tobacco.

The irony here is that the same substance the WHO wishes to outlaw and eradicate is what may save us all from death by Ebola.

As many already know, it’s the tobacco plant that is used to produce ZMapp, the miracle treatment for Ebola.

If this weren’t so serious, the irony would be delicious – that the idiots at the World “Health” Organization are attempting to tax and regulate out of existence the very substance that can potentially save thousands, hundreds of thousands, if not millions.

The process of “Pharming”, which is the introduction of modified antibodies to the leaves of tobacco plants, is being done by none other than “Big Tobacco” like Reynold American and Philip Morris in… Kentucky.

The ZMapp “plantibody” proteins made in Kentucky were what cured the infected American health workers last month.

As I said, this must be a real quandary for the “Big Tobacco” hating left and I’m sure, behind closed doors, they just can’t believe that a plant spawned by the devil himself can be our possible savior.

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