The Left Strikes Back with GoFundMe

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

Well, the results are in, and it appears that the owners of Memories Pizza are more than all set financially.

For those who have been off planet, here’s a quick recap. A local TV reporter walks into a mom-and-pop pizza parlor and offers up a bogus hypothetical question – would this shop service a homosexual wedding? The question wasn’t whether or not they would simply serve homosexuals, which they would. They would sell anyone a pizza. No, the question was whether they would be involved with a homosexual wedding reception.

memories-pizza-gofundme-final-300x187This was a total set up. The owners of Memories Pizza merely voiced their First Amendment right of free exercise of their religion. But to the tiny minority of the homosexual fascist lobby, this wasn’t good enough. The pizza parlor owners received death threats and warnings – enough to force them into temporarily closing the restaurant.

Enter The Blaze’s Dana Loesch and her compatriot Lawrence Billy Jones III, who set up a GoFundMe account to help the small business which could ill afford to close. To the delight and satisfaction of those who advocate for true freedom, in two days the account swelled to over $842,000. Incredible and far greater than the original goal of $25,000.

Many thanks go out to Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity Mark Levin and everyone else for promoting the effort and especially to all who donated.

Well, the left didn’t take too kindly to this and once again underestimated the power of freedom loving conservatives. They were simply not prepared for the outpouring of support.

I’m sure they figured that if we could do such a thing with relative ease, the left could certainly eclipse what had been accomplished. So they tried their own fundraising effort, starting their own GoFundMe account named “Love Is Stronger Than Hate” which an LGBT advocate launched this past Friday.

The account creator Jason Nguyen said that “It’s now critical that the LGBT community and allies prove that discrimination against minorities has no place in modern society,” and he wrote in an e-mail that he plans to donate all proceeds to the nonprofit Human Rights Campaign, the country’s Lovelargest LGBT rights organization.

No doubt the Human Rights Campaign is excited by the loads of cash that will surely be rolling in, judging by the outpouring of support for their cause and the outrage over the bigoted pizza shop, not to mention the entire state of Indiana.

As of 2:30 PM EDT, Easter Sunday, the “Love Is Stronger Than Hate” account was bursting at the seams with a whopping $430 donated by 15 people, after almost 2 full days. It would seem the left and their money are never soon parted.

Oh, and the initial goal was $1 million.

In a way, I feel sad for this Nguyen guy, for he’s bought into the whole mythical outrage created by his Puppet Masters on the left. He and those poor fools like him actually believe that America is a country full of racists, bigots and homophobes. And the real shame is that he is trapped by his own not_silent_majority_postcard-r3c624f7ff6b944b4980bef1c4fedc289_vgbaq_8byvr_324ignorance. But what choice does he and others have? If they decide to expand their minds and look beyond the propaganda and bumper stickers, they will be cast aside and vilified as some sort of heretics, by those whom they thought loved and wanted them.

These poor lackeys of the hard left don’t understand that it’s the cause du jour and only the cause that matters and how the Puppet Masters can profit from it, both in money and power. Anyone who dares question their motives or sincerity will be shamed and ruined.

This incident, however, should be a teachable moment for the right. An event like this is proof that we on the right are still the real majority and it’s high time we stopped running away and instead embrace it.

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