The Dynamism of Illegal Immigration

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

Have you noticed how it is typical of anyone and everyone either in government, or pundits who work for or report on those in government, to judge and score everything on a static basis?

The static model is that if we raise people’s taxes, the government will take in more money. Never do they figure on the dynamic response to a tax increase. Some will just pay it, while some will seek to shelter their money – and others will lose their jobs because of the increase, and therefore not pay the increase – and so on. As such we end up with a net loss, not gain in revenue.

The same goes for tax cuts. The people who whine about tax cuts always do so by judging the outcome statically, or as a zero sum game. If there is a winner, there must be loser – an equal and opposite reaction, which is never the case. They can’t, or won’t, comprehend the dynamism that tax cuts actually increase revenue.

And now the left, the establishment right, and the pundits who serve them are using the same argument for illegal immigration, not to mention tugging on our heart strings.

Charles Krauthammer did just that on the O’Reilly Factor 3 days ago. He told Bill O’Reilly that once you build a wall and get the “flow of illegals down to a trickle” – at that point “what do you do about the 11 million illegal immigrants living here.”

Krauthammer continues with a trip down memory lane by asking O’Reilly if he remembers Elián González, “the little Cuban kid who was torn out of the hands of his relatives at gun point. Do we want to see that seen repeated a million times?”

No Charles – we’d rather see the scene of hundreds more actual American citizens like Kate Steinle being gunned down instead.

“It’s not that it’s expensive – it’s not just that it’s never going to work, it’s that it’s a fantasy – it is deeply offensive – you know it – I know it – the large majority of Americans wouldn’t do it,” Krauthammer adds.

Of course they wouldn’t do it if you present it to them like that. And this is the way the left and the pro-illegal establishment has always described it, and will continue to – it’ll never work – it’s just too expensive – Waahh!

But present it to the American voter in a different way and you’re likely to have a different result. Krauthammer says, “It’s not that it’s expensive,” of course intimating that is far too expensive to deport them all. Well Charles – if you score it statically, you’re right – it would be expensive. Estimates are as much as $50 billion. But if you present it dynamically, it’s a relative bargain.

Estimates are that illegal immigrants cost the American taxpayer around $100 billion every single year. And that’s just the outward cost. There are other hidden or indirect costs that go unreported – purposely. For example, Arizona has higher auto insurance rates due to illegals. This is a huge hidden burden on Arizona residents.

In 2010, Arizona state treasurer Dean Martin  said that, “Arizona has higher car insurance rates, because illegal immigrants who cross the border often steal cars that they use to move further into the country. Undocumented workers are also more likely to perpetrate hit-and-run accidents, because they are afraid of being deported if they are caught. Not only does this add to car insurance rates, but it also stretches police resources.”

These “hidden” costs, passed on to us unsuspecting citizens, can amount to multiple billions of dollars on top of that reported $100 billion. So, deporting illegals will actually result in a windfall.

Now, Krauthammer, with his assertion that “it’s not just that it’s never going to work, it’s that it’s a fantasy,” has actually backed into why Donald Trump is so popular. I’m certain he doesn’t realize it but it’s that “Can’t Do” attitude by the establishment that Trump has attacked head on, which has resonated with the people.

Trump will not accept that something can’t be done, and that’s exactly what voters want to hear. They’re tired of hearing what the Republicans can’t do, and believe they’ve finally found one who rejects the defeatist nay-sayers and have attached themselves to the Republican version of “Yes We Can.”

The establishment and those who evidently side with them are flailing away, trying to throw The Donald off his game, but thus far to no avail. They simply don’t know what to do about a non-politician who shoots from the hip, refuses to play by the rules they have established, appears to just not give a crap and doesn’t need their help or support.

Despite not being a Trump supporter, I don’t want him to go away anytime soon. It’s just too much fun to watch. Not to mention, it’s causing others to grow a spine.

9 comments on “The Dynamism of Illegal Immigration

    • It would be much cheaper to send them home instead of supporting them and all their relatives still in their home country for the rest of their life.

      What about our veterans? Tell me, what is being done to help them? Tell me also, what the hell good has any of these ILLEGALS done for America? Trump has it right and no one wAnts to do anything about it.

  1. Funny you should mention Arizona. I have been living in Tucson for 16 years and drove a cab here for eleven. Through that job I discovered a huge problem with non-citizens receiving free medical care. Through a sponsor program thousands of illegals are given free medical care – at taxpayer expense, of course – and free rides in the taxi to get to the hospitals. Yep, that’s where I came in. Free housing is also part of the package. I know of several apartment buildings that make huge sums housing these non-citizens. The cost to Arizona is about a billion a year which is just about what our deficit has been. The cab driver gets about half of what the state pays the company. That figure used to be higher until two brothers from Iran bought out the cab company and decided drivers were making too much. Much of that money flows back to Iran.

  2. If we quit giving illegals all of the free stuff I suspect a great many will
    self deport. I’m sure they look at us & say “WHAT A COUNTRY” look at
    what they will give us & it is FREE! I am so tired of our taxpayer money
    being given away to illegals & I am so ticked off about the crime & destruction to our country. This has to stop!!! He or she who will pledge
    to put our country right gets my vote as long as there is no D by their
    name. Obama did say he was going to change our country. He sure
    did that didn’t he? He has just about ruined us, but we can still fix it I think /hope.

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