The Best of Fake-Hate

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by The College Fix:

Hate-crime hoaxes had a banner year

During the 2016-17 school year, campuses across the nation were plagued by numerous hate crime reports — but so many turned out to be fake.

Often, students confessed to fabricating the incident or submitting a baseless report after police found no evidence. Sometimes they refused to even cooperate with police, making an investigation impossible. Other times officers caught the “victims” red-handed in their own web of lies.

Many examples were inspired by students trying to create and push the narrative of a spike in hate crimes after Donald Trump was elected president.

Here are some of the most outrageous examples from campuses and college students over the past school year.

Dude, where’s my car?

A Muslim San Diego State University student wearing a hijab claimed that on Nov. 9, a day after the election, two men approached her in a parking garage, pushed and verbally berated her, and stole her car.

Campus police investigated the matter, including reviewing surveillance video, then later announced her claim that her car was stolen was unfounded, NBC San Diego reported: it turned out she had simply forgotten where she parked it. The police also suspended the investigation after the “victim” stopped cooperating with officers.

Although it was never officially called a hoax by law enforcement, the fact that surveillance videos could not support her story, and there is no other corroborating evidence, and she refused to cooperate with investigators, and her claim that her car was stolen was mistaken at best and a lie at worst — it’s not a stretch to call this one a hoax.

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