The Amazon is Burning – Wherever Will We get Our Oxygen

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by: Brent Smith at the Common Constitutionalist

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Mark Stein of Ice Station EIB was the guest host, filling in for Rush Limbaugh, on his national radio program Monday.

When I tuned in, Mark must been speaking of the Amazon forest fires, because he took a call on the topic. The caller began with the typical, “I’m a conservative, but…” intro. I think it’s what leftists are told to say by whatever group put him up to it.

After declaring himself a conservative he proceeded with the diatribe we’re already tired of hearing – that A: the cause of the Amazon fires are humans and B: it’s a catastrophe because the Amazon rainforest provides planet Earth with 20% of our oxygen.

As far as what is causing the fires, that’s yet to be determined, although, July through September is the dry season, so a simple lightning strike could set a dry forest ablaze.

The dry season happens ever year, which is why they call it the “dry” season. It is not “climate change.” Those who claim this are either true believers or agenda-driven liars.

The 20% oxygen claim is a relatively new warmist claim. However, it’s one that appears to be spreading like … well … wildfire.

Without an ounce of critical thought, world leaders like French President, Emmanuel Macron, recently tweeted this dire faux-statistic, and Hollywood elite and elitist, Leo DiCaprio, blindly posted it on Instagram.

However, as Forbes recently reported, There’s not a shred of scientific fact to back up the claim. That never seems to matter to the devoted members of the Church of Man-Caused Climate Change.

Actual scientists, at least the ones that dare to speak the truth, say it’s frankly impossible for the Amazon to produce that much of the world’s oxygen.

Dr. Jonathan Foley, a climate researcher believes the Amazon myth originated from the claim that, “all the Earth’s tropical forests (including Africa and Indonesia) may produce 20% of ‘land-based’ oxygen.”

He says “land-based,” lest we forget that the oceans also produce oxygen, an a lot of it.

In fact the Amazon accounts for no more than maybe 6% of the planet’s oxygen. And even 6% is thought to be a drastic overestimation.

Unfortunately for the end of the world alarmists, 6% is just not going to scare anyone.

So somewhere along the line, someone decided to attribute the entire 20% to just the Amazon. And my guess is that he or she knew the warmist zealots and the stenographers in the media would just blindly repeat the 20% claim over and over until the false becomes fact. The left are masters of this tactic.

Now not that anyone wants it to happen, Dr. Foley states that even if the entire Amazon rainforest burnt completely, the, “supply of oxygen in the atmosphere wouldn’t be in jeopardy.”

Adding more scientifically factual bad news to the alarmist’s claim is Dr. Scott Denning, professor of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University, who tweeted that, “even if all the oxygen production on the planet were to stop, it would ‘still take a million years for O2 to be depleted.’”

And one more bit of cold water to throw on the climate change hysteria merchants comes from NASA.

According to their analysis, over the last 15 years, the outbreak of fire in the Amazon is at or even below average.

And finally, the fact is that the rainforest is not even the best use of land for both carbon capture and oxygen production. It’s well known that the common meadow, yes, grasslands, does a much better job than the rainforest, or any forest.

If the climate change alarmists were really serious about this oxygen dilemma they claim we face, they’d be cheering on the fires, not bemoaning them.

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