Thank Goodness for the British Muslim Community

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I know it’s wrong to, but I am loving this. And I would love to have been a fly on the wall when the tortured decision was made by the ultra-progressives in the U.K. to end a program they celebrated. What am I referring to? Well, read on to find out – and enjoy as I did.

from the Federalist:

Feminists Couldn’t Get Trans Ideology Out Of UK Public Schools, But Muslims Did

In the United Kingdom, where the LGBT+ agenda is well entrenched in the school system, there have been protests from the Muslim population against these so-called teachings of tolerance. In Birmingham, a program called No Outsiders, organized by Andrew Moffatt, has been on the curriculum to teach students as young as five the ins and outs of same-sex families, inclusivity, and diversity.

Moffatt, who is deputy head teacher at Parkfield Community School, developed the program “to ensure future younger generations learn about acceptance and respect of others.” While that’s a rather non-offensive ethos, what sowed tensions in the community was the introduction of LGBT+ content in the program.

The Brits have typically been gung-ho for the gender unicorn, accepting trans women on short lists of women politicians, allowing males who identify as transgender — including sex offenders — to be housed in women’s prisons and battered women’s shelters, and being extremely accommodating about pronouns and National Health Service (NHS) facilitation of transgender medical interventions. But for the most part, those who tasted the rainbow were basic, white English folks.

Controversy in the Muslim Community

Then religious Muslims got wind of the LGBT+ indoctrination of their primary school students, and freaked out. According to these parents, who staged protests outside of the schools in their districts that offer the No Outsiders program, homosexuality is not sanctioned by their religion, and they don’t want their children taught that it’s acceptable. The parents’ protests included pulling more than 600 Muslim children from school, and were incredibly effective. The lessons have stopped.

The funny part is that gender-critical British feminists have been protesting this stuff for a while, and their lamentations have fallen on deaf ears. Moreover, they’ve been badgered, brought up on charges, called bigots and TERFs, been doxxed, harassed, and fired from their posts, all for saying that perhaps the LGBT+ agenda is moving too fast through the social and educational system, and could be harming children instead of helping them. But now that an ethnic, religiously practicing minority takes issue with the program, it’s been put on pause. Why?

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