So the Native Americans aren’t Native?

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Altai in southern Siberia sits right at the centre of Russia. But the tiny, mountainous republic has a claim to fame unknown until now – Native Americans can trace their origins to the remote region.

DNA research revealed that genetic markers linking people living in the Russian republic of Altai, southern Siberia, with indigenous populations in North America.

A study of the mutations indicated a lineage shift between 13,000 and 14,000 years ago – when people are thought to have walked across the ice from Russia to America

This roughly coincides with the period when humans from Siberia are thought to have crossed what is now the Bering strait and entered America.

“Altai is a key area because it’s a place where people have been coming and going for thousands and thousands of years”, said Dr Theodore Schurr, from the University of Pennsylvania.

Among the people who may have emerged from the Altai region are the predecessors of the first Native Americans.

Roughly 20-25,000 years ago, these prehistoric humans carried their Asian genetic lineages up into the far reaches of Siberia and eventually across the then-exposed Bering land mass into the Americas.

“Our goal in working in this area was to better define what those founding lineages or sister lineages are to Native American populations,” Schurr said.
The region lies at the intersection of what is now Russia, Mongolia, China and Kazakhstan.

Dr Schurr’s team checked Altai DNA samples for markers in mitochondrial DNA which is always passed on by mothers, and Y chromosome DNA which sons inherit from their fathers.

Because of the large number of gene markers examined, the findings have a high degree of precision.

“At this level of resolution we can see the connections more clearly,” Schurr said.

Looking at the Y chromosome DNA, the researchers found a unique mutation shared by Native Americans and southern Altaians in the lineage known as Q.

Mitochondrial DNA is found in tiny rod-like ‘powerplants’ in cells that generate energy. Both kinds of DNA showed links between Altaians and Native Americans.

In the Y chromosome DNA, the researchers found a unique mutation shared by Native Americans and people from southern Altai.

The findings are published today in the American Journal of Human Genetics.

Calculating how long the mutations they noted took to arise, Schurr’s team estimated that the southern Altaian lineage diverged genetically from the Native American lineage 13,000 to 14,000 years ago, a timing scenario that aligns with the idea of people moving into the Americas from Siberia between 15,000 and 20,000 years ago.

Though it’s possible, even likely, that more than one wave of people
crossed the land bridge, Schurr said that other researchers have not yet been able to identify another similar geographic focal point from which Native Americans can trace their heritage.

“It may change with more data from other groups, but, so far, even with intensive work in Mongolia, they’re not seeing the same things that we are”, he said.

In addition to elucidating the Asia-America connection, the study confirms that the modern cultural divide between southern and northern Altaians has ancient genetic roots

Attribution: Daily Mail

9 comments on “So the Native Americans aren’t Native?

  1. If all the information that we now have is true, it doesn’t matter if the native Americans aren’t native. What really matters is who was first to inhabit the land. International law says that the first to inhabit an uninhabited land is it’s owner. Unfortunately Native Americans didn’t know the European concept of international law. So the Europeans claimed the North American continent lands as if the Europeans were first to inhabit them. As with any land claim, the claimant must have the ability to defend his claim; either lawfully, or more likely with force of arms. The Native Americans were out numbered, and out gunned.
    There would be no organic native inhabitants of this continent unless this continent was a cradle of humanity; where mankind first appeared. The evidence and scholarship that we presently have indicates that mankind came out of central Africa. Mitochondria indicates that we all descended from one woman. That includes the Native Americans, and every other person on earth. We believe that mankind migrated from there to inhabit the world.
    I wonder how the White Supremacists would feel if they knew that their organic great grandmother was a black woman. But I digress.
    We might conclude that the Native American (Indians) are the real owners of the North American continent; but who can they get to enforce their claim? No one!
    Like so much of this world, power, not truth, not law, decides right and wrong.

    • You neglect to mention there were already people here before the Natives came.

      Also, how the hell is this ‘white supremacy’?

      I’m not even white and I find this term obnoxious and silly.

      • Carlos
        I don’t quite understand what you are saying. When I referred to White Supremicists, I was talking about Neo Nazis who hate all other races. They would be suprised to learn that we all came from one common ancestor; according the genetic research, a black woman out of central Africa 70 thousand years ago.
        I didn’t know that there were any people her in the Americas prior to the ones we call “Native Americans”.
        Yesterday I saw an article that said that “Native Americans” have now genetically been traced to a people from Siberia. Now I’m sorry I didn’t pay more attention to the article than that.
        So you have enlightened me; thank you. Please tell me more. Who were these people who were here in the Americas before the Native Americans. They then would be the rightful owners of fhe land, if they were first to occupy it.

      • Ummm…no. There were no other people here before them. What you’re probably referring to are the Anasazi- the ancient ones of North America. It was thought at one time that they arrived first and what we know as Native Americans came later and took over. Now, DNA evidence supports that Native Americans WERE the Anasazi and they aren’t two separate peoples.

    • The predominant theory is that our ancestors skin color was closer to that of chimpanzees, not black. The black pigmentation came about from environmental factors, predominantly because early humans moved onto the plains of Africa because of a theorized megadrought. Then, a million or so years later when segments of the population moved north, the skin began to lighten again. The presumed natural state of our skin was a dark, tanned color, not black or white.

  2. So the Native Americans aren’t Native? Q: How many elephants does it take to change a lightbulb? A: Two, but it has to be a pretty big light bulb! Instead of wasting money in mumbo jumbo Junkscience imploring DNA which it contains 130,000 acids enough to baptize dolphin as Elvis’s uncle. Watch Mel Gibson “Apocalypto” and pay attention to little Gaucho girl when she says ‘PALANG’ means “jaguar” in Sanskrit. How this language went to Latin America 14,000 years ago?

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