SmartMirror Shows What Wrong

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The first HiMirror Mini Premiums are estimated to ship on November 5
The first HiMirror Mini Premiums are estimated to ship on November 5(Credit: HiMirror)

Mirror, mirror, show my reflection; and tell me how to fix my complexion. That’s the premise behind HiMirror’s HiMirror Classic: a smart-mirror with built-in camera designed to help beauty professionals hawk beauty products to credulous, self-conscious punters. But with the new HiMirror Mini Premium, the company’s cutting out the go-between so now agoraphobes worried about their looks won’t even need to leave the house.

“As the CEO of a well-known Taiwanese electronics group, I am constantly juggling projects and flying around the world,” HiMirror inventor Simon Shen writes on the product website. “My wife, sometimes asks me how people in the high-tech industry can be so busy and what takes up all our time. I really wanted to share my world with her, so I set out to create something that she could relate to, something that would make her go wow!” – that’s the life-affirming story of how SmartMirror was born as a piece of technology even Mrs. Shen can relate to.

The HiMirror Mini packs a camera into a touchscreen display to show you an image of your face. Why not a simple mirror, you ask? Where are the smarts in that? You see, behind the scenes, the Mini packs what the company somewhat ominously calls Skin Analysis Engine X (ver 4.0). This can examine your face in search of no fewer than 10 defects: wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, dark spots, red spots, roughness, pores, complexion issues, hydration and pigmentation.

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