Skyscraper Topping Infinity Pool

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Compass Pools says that construction of its Infinity Pool tower could kick off as early as...
Compass Pools says that construction of its Infinity Pool tower could kick off as early as next year if it can confirm all of its project partners and contractors(Credit: Compass Pools)

London may soon become host to a swimming facility that is as weather-defying as it is death-defying, with plans underway to build the world’s first 360-degree infinity pool high up in the frosty English capital. Infinity London would put thrill-seeking swimmers 220 m (721 ft) above street level and offer one-of-a-kind panoramic views of the surrounds.

The planned Infinity London tower would rise 55 stories above the city, with its upper levels occupied by a five-star international hotel. But its crowning jewel will be a 600,000-liter (160,000-gal) pool with no visible edges, at least for those splashing about inside.

You’re probably wondering how people are going to get in and out, and in designing Infinity London, Compass Pools says it was determined not to ruin the clean and clear views with ladders and stairs on the outside. Its solution, therefore, was to offer access with some kind of submarine-inspired air-locking stairwell that rises through the body of water.

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