Self-Regulating Heated Jacket

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Early pledges of US$195 are still available for the Mercury jacket on Kickstarter
Early pledges of US$195 are still available for the Mercury jacket on Kickstarter

We’ve seen a number of smart home thermostats over the past few years that learn just how toasty you like your living room, but these won’t do much good when you venture out the front door. Boston apparel company Ministry of Supply wants to bring this kind of personalized climate control to people on the move, launching a heated jacket that tunes its temp in line with user preferences, and has a few other handy tricks up its sleeves as well.

Made from a mix of polyester and polyurethane, the Mercury jacket itself is waterproof, windproof and odor resistant. Its creators say it can be used as a regular jacket, and because the carbon fiber heating elements inside weigh just 100 g (3.5 oz), you shouldn’t notice them too much during everyday use.

 But as a default, when the USB chargeable 10,000-mAh battery is plugged in, the Mercury will begin to heat up the moment you put it on. It is pre-programmed to respond to the wearer’s temperature and motion using a built in accelerometer and body heat sensor, so it might make adjustments depending on whether you’re walking or standing still, for example.

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