Self Deportation Beginning Ahead of Schedule

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

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Yesterday, in the first segment of my weekly podcast, I recalled for the listeners, a story of which I simply switched on my TV. There I saw on Fox News, Bill O’Reilly speaking with Geraldo Rivera about illegal immigration and deportation. You may listen here.

He retold, in brief, the story of Guadalupe García de Rayos, a Mexican illegal alien who was recently deported. You may read a more detailed account here.

Geraldo said, quite correctly, that this spectacle was all over the news. Everyone was covering it. He then turned to Bill and said that this incident was only one of 11 million. He explained that this leaves 10,999,999 to go. He asked O-Reilly if America is ready and willing to witness the tragedy of millions being deported every day on the evening news and thousands of websites.

In my podcast, as well as many articles I’ve written on the subject, I exclaimed that this will not occur. It didn’t occur when President Eisenhower oversaw the deportation of millions of illegals and it won’t occur this time. I’m certain of it.

During his career in Real Estate, the Trumpster took pride in projects coming in under budget and ahead of schedule. It looks like he’s doing it again.

The leftist media are all broadcasting scenes of illegal men, women and children hiking over the border in waist-high snow and sub-freezing temperatures (thanks a lot global warming), from the United States to Canada.

Each one of these sites regale the reader with tales of woe of “undocumented migrants” having to brave the elements and hoof it to Canada, rather than get swept up in the Trump dragnet.

And this is the funny part. I don’t mean it’s funny that these people put themselves and their families in danger of the elements. It’s not funny ha, ha – it’s funny fascinating.

I find it incredible that so far I have not found a single lefty site that sees the irony of what they are reporting. They are making our case for us. This is exactly what I and many others have been preaching for years.

If you build it, they will come. If you provide free refuge (and everything else) they will come. If you take it away, or even threaten to in a manner they will believe, they will go, of their own accord.

It’s called SELF-DEPORATION folks, and the left, in their blind ignorance, is documenting these successes virtually every day. It’s priceless.

Doing just a cursory search of the interweb, I found page after page of accounts, documenting (pardon the pun) the march of illegals making the trek into Canada to “seek asylum” from that fiend Trump. reported on February 19 that, “Reuters photographer Christinne Muschi has captured several scenes of people trekking through snowy woods to cross the U.S.-Canada border by foot and enter Hemmingford, Quebec. Among her subjects are people from Yemen and Sudan trying to get into Canada after losing hope of obtaining legal status in the U.S.” They added that, “On Friday [02/17], eight people, who said they were from Sudan, made it across the border to Canada, as U.S. Border Patrol tried to stop them…”

May I ask why? Why in the heck are we trying to stop them? I suppose one reason might be that we suspect, as Trump says, they are “bad dudes,” and may attempt reentry later. But other than that – just let them go.

The Washington Post reports  that in January alone, there were 452 claims of asylum on the Quebec border. That’s almost four times the amount of the same time last year. They added that “with so many migrants willing to traipse through the ice and snow to reach Canada, there are concerns that numbers could soar with the advent of spring.” Well – let’s hope so.

Now I don’t know whether this was predicted and planned this way, but Trump’s plan is working better than I had hoped. Just look at what little he has had to do.

Trump talks tough about a crack down on illegals and a step up of deportations. ICE goes out, does a few raids and deports a few illegals and the dolts in the press publicize it everywhere, wholly unaware that they have become unwitting allies of Trump. Illegals witness the hysteria in the press and decide to turn tail and run.

If this was planned – it is a masterful stroke!

5 comments on “Self Deportation Beginning Ahead of Schedule

  1. “other than that – just let them go.”
    I must disagree not because I want them to stay but because we can’t castigate Mexico for their laxness in stopping illegal entry TO the US FROM their side if we do the same thing. If Canada really “wants” them, they should notify our BP officially to let them pass unchecked.

    Otherwise, enforcing OUR laws included in both directions. I know…sometimes doing the right thing sorta sucks.

    • From what I’ve seen and read, Canada likes “castigated” the US for not allowing illegals. The talking heads want open borders and have said they would take them, let them have all the illegal aliens who make it to the border. I just hope they’re all going across and claiming political asylum. The refugee card will win them the stay.

        • I’m good with anyone leaving if they want to. They can even come back–through the front fricking door, with permission first, though there are many I’d just as soon never returned.

          I guess still no word on all those celebs who swore they’d leave…huh? I wouldn’t want THEM back…if they’d just GO.

      • I haven’t crossed the Canadian border for over 40 years but I crossed the Mexican border many times as recently as 5 years ago. They did not stop or check anyone leaving unless they had been alerted by LE to watch for them. All the illegals here have to do is walk across at a checkpoint and claim refugee status in Canada.

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