Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle

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John Dingley hasn't yet ridden his Mega Hub Motor Electric Unicycle at full power
John Dingley hasn’t yet ridden his Mega Hub Motor Electric Unicycle at full power(Credit: John Dingley)

John Dingley, the guy behind last year’s electric luge, has been in the workshop again. This time he’s been working on a new version of his self-balancing electric unicycle. Similar to the Ryno, but home built and using a brushless motor.

 Dingley’s original unicycle – called the Lunar Rover – was built using a brushed DC electric motor and chain drive. For his latest project, he’s managed to go brushless and ditch the chain. The Mega Hub Motor Electric Unicycle is built around a 3,000 W brushless hub motor within a 17-inch wheel sourced from China, and features a Kelly motor controller designed for electric boats (used here to enable a reverse mode as Dingley found that most e-bike controllers were rigged to go forward only).

A cylindrical aluminum tube up top acts both as seating for the rider and home to the battery pack, which is made up of 20 LiFePO4 cells. The torpedo-like tube is ended with a jet intake from an old aircraft, while the unicycle’s self-balancing electronics have been squeezed into a Ural motorcycle headlamp pod from the 1950s.

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