Sapphire Blade Razor

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Zafirro's blades are manufactured from lab-grown, industrial white sapphire
Zafirro’s blades are manufactured from lab-grown, industrial white sapphire (Credit: Zafirro)

Unless Movember is a year-round lifestyle choice, you’re probably shaving on a regular basis. And with all things being equal, people with more and/or thicker hair tend to cycle through replacement cartridges faster.

Well, those folks will be glad to know that the latest shaving tool utilizes science and technology to create blades that are harder, sharper, and last much longer than steel. Zafirro’s Z2 razor is designed with a pair of white sapphire blades to cut hair and reduce disposable waste.

When it comes to hardness, sapphire places second only to diamond. Each of Zafirro’s sapphire blades are manufactured in order to create a tip that is only 80 atoms thick. The resulting edge is approximately 10 times sharper than a surgeon’s scalpel, or 5,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair. As such, the current crop are designed for about 6 to 12 months of shaving, with future blades having the potential to last up to five times longer.

Sapphire is hypoallergenic and, unlike steel, it doesn’t oxidize or corrode. And unlike theSkarp laser razor, people (mostly company employees) have been shaving with Zafirro’s sapphire blades for years.

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