Saharan Silver Ant Sets Speed Record

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World’s fastest ant hits record-breaking speed of TWO miles per hour – that’s the equivalent of a human running at 360mph

  • Named the Saharan silver it can cover almost a yard – in a single second 
  • That’s 108 times its body length of a third of an inch every second
  • In human terms, it would be equivalent to running at 360mph

The fastest ant in the world can run 108 times the length of its own body every second.

Named the Saharan silver, after the desert in which it lives it runs at a pace that, in human terms, would be equivalent to running at 360mph.

The tiny creature runs faster in proportion to its own body than a cheetah and manages about 12 strides for every one that Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt does in a second.

The Saharan silver’s muscle contraction speed may be ‘close to physiological limits’, they say.

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