Robots Take British Jobs

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Robots may take four million British jobs in the private sector within the next decade, some business leaders believe.

Those surveyed for by YouGov for the Royal Society of Arts said 15 per cent of all jobs were under threat.

The most vulnerable fields are finance and accounting, transportation and distribution, manufacturing and marketing and public relations, the survey found.

Robots could take four million British jobs in the private sector within the next decade, some business leaders believe 

But the research was not all doom and gloom, noting that technological advance creates new jobs, partly because increased productivity reduces prices freeing up consumers to spend money elsewhere in the economy.

The RSA added that AI and robotics will mostly automate individual tasks rather than replace whole jobs.

The report summary reads: ‘Our first conclusion is that AI and robotics are more likely to alter jobs than to eliminate them.

‘Despite impressive advances in machine capability, many tasks remain outside of their scope, particularly those demanding manual dexterity and deeper forms of creativity and communication.

‘Moreover, automation tends to be task-based rather than job-based, allowing workers to pivot into new roles should machines encroach on their turf.

‘No single device can wholly substitute for retail assistants, care workers, hotel receptionists or building laborers.

In July research found robots and artificial intelligence could replace up to 15 million jobs.

A study found that the increasing automation of jobs will hit poorer workers hardest and will further set back social mobility unless urgent action is taken.

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