Racial Profiling Does Not Apply to Everyone

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

Racial profiling has been one of the hotter, or should I say, more incendiary topics in recent years. Ever since the phony profiling story of Trayvon Martin, where George (dirtbag) Zimmerman was falsely accused of profiling the innocent teen. All because of a heavily edited and pieced together bit of audio tape.

Still, the race pimp industry ran with it as a case of profiling. It seems that every case where a black man or kid runs afoul of the law, the cry goes out that he has been profiled. That’s the only reason he would ever come in contact with the police. Not that he robbed a store, was dealing drugs or selling “loosie” cigarettes, because in the city of New York, poor citizens can’t afford a pack, thanks to oppressive taxes imposed by de Blasio and others.

According to the left, racial profiling has reached epidemic proportions. Under the now defunct “stop and frisk” program, the Washington Post  reported that the NYPD “targeted blacks and Latinos about 85% of the time” and that in “9 out of 10 searches, police found nothing.”

Now I don’t know whether those statistics are true, but even if they are, what about the 10th? Isn’t that the left’s famous mantra: “if it saves just one life, it is worth it.” I guess that only applies when they have something to gain.

Cries of profiling can be heard from virtually every major city in America. Cleveland, New York City, Seattle, New Orleans, New York, and the list goes on and on.

Okay, we get it – racial profiling is bad. I think we can all agree with the left, that actual (not ginned up) racial profiling should not be tolerated – with one exception. And can you guess what that might be? Ding-ding-ding – you are correct. Profiling against whites is perfectly acceptable and even encouraged – as was the case at a “Movement for Black Lives” event to commemorate the death of Michael “the thug” Brown.

The event was held at Cleveland State University. During the “Black Lives” rally, an announcement was made to the crowd that “this is a peoples of African descent space. If you are not of African descent please go to the outside of the circle immediately.”

Evidently there was but one individual reporting on the rally that was “not of African descent.” The reporter, Brandon Blackwell, quickly beat feet to the outskirts of the circle.

Outside the circle, he continued to attempt to videotape the event, but his camera was continually blocked by signs and shirts and cries of “stop filming.” At one point, he asked one of the “Black Lives” activists not to touch his camera.

The reply was what one might expect from an angry mob. “I got 800 black people behind me, what the f**k are you gonna do?”

So I guess racial profiling isn’t all that bad, depending on who is being profiled. And why not – it makes as much sense as anything else the left says or does.