Quadcoptor with 10 Hour Flight Time?

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The modified HYBRiX 2.1 quadcopter is prepared for its flight
The modified HYBRiX 2.1 quadcopter is prepared for its flight


With perhaps a few exceptions, battery-electric multicopter drones typically can’t fly for longer than about 30 minutes. Such is not the case, however, with their hybrid counterparts – one of which recently broke its own endurance record.

Made by Spanish startup Quaternium, the HYBRiX 2.1 quadcopter features a gasoline/battery-electric hybrid drive system that reportedly gives it a flight time of up to four hours per fill/charge – in its stock form, that is.

Back in 2017, the 2.0 model set a world record by remaining aloft for precisely four hours and 40 minutes. This February, an experimental version of the 2.1 model surpassed that figure, going for eight hours and 10 minutes. Now it’s broken the record again, by hovering in place for a reported 10 hours and 14 minutes.

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