Please Don’t Feed the Children

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

If you’ve ever walked through a park, you can’t help but notice the hundreds of pigeons flying around, as well as standing in front of park benches waiting to be fed. The same can be said of seagulls that hover inexplicably over landlocked parking lots.

They’re seagulls! What the heck are they doing hanging out in the parking lot an hours drive from the beach? The same thing the pigeons are doing – looking for an easy meal.

We see signs posted in every State and national Park. “Don’t Feed the Animals.” And why? Well, it’s because it’s dangerous, for one. They may just as easily turn on the one feeding them. And second: they don’t want the animals to get used to expecting a free meal. It happens all the time. The animals soon understand that it’s easier to dumpster dive or to break into someone’s home then forage or hunt for a meal.

It doesn’t take long to inadvertently train the wild beasts to infiltrate human habitat for an easy snack. But you can hardly blame the animals. The humans are the ones at fault. It’s free food after all.

And the same can now be said of America’s children. For the entire school year, the children have been conditioned to think of school as not just a place to learn (hopefully), but also the source of practically all their meals.

It used to be, back in the days of rugged individualism, that there would be one meal a day at school – lunch. You could Brown-bag it or pay for the daily cafeteria fare. Then, no doubt some politician or academic discovered that little Johnny and Janey couldn’t afford to pay for lunch. Somehow they could afford those $100 Nikes – but not lunch.

Then, because little Johnny and Janey were apparently coming to school on an empty stomach, schools added free breakfast. And now it’s been further expanded to dinner.

At this point, why don’t they offer them section 8 housing so the kids never have to leave? Don’t laugh – that’s probably the plan.

So this takes care of the school year. In fact, “a record 21.7 million children received a free or reduced price lunch at school,” reports Kyle Olson, founder of Education Action Group (EAG)  . He says that now “some 4 million students are receiving lunches through the summer, thanks to ever-expanding federal school meals programs.”

And why not. We’ve heard from many “experts” in academe claim that the kids are not only ours, but also theirs. It’s a parenting partnership, don’t you know. I guess we house them, for now, and they feed and indoctrinate them.

“In the summer, when those school meals disappear, children find themselves hungry and with few options,” said Duke Storen, a senior director at Share Our Strength, tells CNN.

And so it seems that like wild animals, the children are becoming conditioned to go where the free food is. And like animals, if the food it isn’t readily accessible, they’ll just break in and search for it.

And that, reports Olson, is exactly what four kids did in Charlotte North Carolina. “For juveniles, ranging in age from 10 to 16 years old, broke into Charlotte’s West Mecklenburg High School at 1:30 Monday morning. The children – three girls and one boy – told detectives they were hungry and looking for food.”

I feel bad for the kids, because I’m supposed to, but they’ve been conditioned by the state to equate food with school. And worse, the state has conditioned the parents to give up the responsibility for feeding their own children.

The report says nothing about the condition of the children or their home situations, so we are left to paint a mental picture of children right out of Oliver Twist and that all four live in crack houses or something, with deadbeat parents, when that may not be the case at all.

These kids are simply a product of deliberate State control and conditioning. Nothing more – and that’s really the shame of it.

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