PayPal’s Reaction to North Carolina’s Bathroom Law is the Height of Hypocrisy

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

As we know the LGBT community has been up in arms over States’ passage of various bills to prevent men from using women’s bathrooms and vice versa. And naturally following suit are many corporations and other State governments who apparently believe that donning a wig and a dress should give a guy the right to enter a women’s public restroom or locker room. Somehow this is controversial.

Where is the controversy here? Once again we see a tiny fraction of our population attempting to run roughshod over the majority and frightened corporations fall in line for fear they too may be branded as discriminatory. Like little children having a temper tantrum, they LGBT community knows, like the Muslim community and the Black Lives Matter movement, if they scream loud enough, our spineless society will give in to their absurd demands.

The NFL, which has become synonymous with political correctness, threatened the state of Georgia saying that signing their bill could cost Atlanta a chance to host a Superbowl. Liberal Disney said they would no longer film in the state of Georgia and other companies are reconsidering plans to invest further in the state – all because these states believe men should be using their own bathrooms.

Who would have believed just 5 or 10 years ago that something so stupid would become an issue.

Now the online payment outfit, PayPal “has decided to withdraw its $3.6 million investment and 400 jobs from North Carolina,” over is passage of a bathroom law which simply requires people to use the restroom which corresponds to the gender on their birth certificate. PayPal is claiming that it infringes on rights of the LGBT community.

Refreshingly the Lt. Governor Dan Forest, rather than apologizing for his states backward stance on the issue the way most politicians would, stood up like a man and said it is worth losing the business over. He stated: “if our action in keeping men out of women’s bathrooms and showers protected the life of just one child or one woman from being molested or assaulted then it was worth it.” And here I thought the left was all about the children and women’s rights.

But it is very interesting that PayPal is taking such a principled stance regarding this issue, as they do not just operate in America. No – they are worldwide, doing business in nations all over the globe. I wonder if they have bothered to look at the way homosexuals and transgenders are treated in some of these other countries. Or, like radical feminists, are they just taking their “principled” stance in America, where they know it’s safe to spout off.

If you guessed that they really don’t care about this issue, you’d be correct. By their actions, it’s obvious they care nothing about transgenders being able to use any old bathroom, or frankly, the entire LGBT movement.

PayPal operates in nations which are a whole lot more, shall I say hostile to homosexuals, etc. than America. In June of 2014, they excitedly announced an expansion into Africa, including nations like Cameroon and Nigeria.

They were most excited about Nigeria, with its over 60 million internet users. But what about the Nigerian law which can imprison a person for 10 years for just being part of an LGBT organization. Not to mention all the other anti-homosexual laws. Huh. I guess PayPal’s research division missed these minor issues.

And how about the Middle East, where not a single Arab nation even tolerates homosexuals and transgenders. Unless you’ve living under a rock, you know how these countries treat the LGBT folk. It’s a lot worse than just prison. Yet again in 2014, PayPal announced they were going Arabic – even setting up a customer service outlet in the region to cater to their new Arab clients.

I wonder how many transgenders they’ve hired to man (pardon the pun) their Middle East customer service hub? I’m going to go out on a limb and say exactly ZERO. I wonder what they would do if one were brave enough to apply? Just asking.

I also wonder how many transgenders can use whichever bathroom they choose in Saudi Arabia – and still keep their heads – literally. Maybe PayPal should look into that.

The hypocrites at PayPal evidently see no problem investing in the ultra-hostile Middle East, Africa and Asia, but yet they threaten North Carolina over a silly bathroom law. Principled stance my a**. What a joke.

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