Obamacare was to be Like a Shiny New Car

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

For quite a while president Obama and the democrats have lamented over the haves vs. the have-nots in America. It’s not fair that so few should have so much, while working families and the poor go without.

It’s not right that 1% can afford to purchase a new Bentley every year, while most must suffer driving an old clunker which spews out CO2 and is in constant need of repair.

Because of this disparity, the Obama administration has unveiled a new mandated government program. It is a brand new prototype automobile originally developed at Area 51. It is equipped with every known feature currently available in any and all cars and trucks today and it has absolutely zero emissions.

The administration is so exited by the development, the president signed an Executive order requiring everyone to purchase one by the year 2020.

There are three models available – the Obamacar Gold, Obamacar Silver and Obamacar Bronze.

Because of the other-worldly technology of these vehicles, no one will be allowed to own them outright. They will be leased by select companies in all 50 states who have contracted with the government to lease and maintain them.

Monthly lease payments will be paid to these “dealerships” and will range from $400 per month, up to $1500 per month. This may seem a bit much, but now everyone will have a brand new state-of-the-art vehicle.funny-alien-car

I interviewed an individual who took deliver of his Obamacar Bronze recently to see if it was everything (and more) the administration claimed. Standing along side this beautifully designed, alien inspired car in the man’s driveway, I expected him to express his delight with the vehicle. Unfortunately he had something rather surprising and enlightening to tell me.

Practically crying, the gentleman explained to me that sure, he has a magnificent piece of technology, but he was compelled to trade in his old car. He now has the one car, which hasn’t left the driveway. First, he has been informed that his monthly lease payment of $400 is already going up to $550 and he doesn’t know how he can afford it.

“My neighbor across the street has it a little better than me,” he stated. His car is at least subsidized, so his payment is really low. “He was really exited at first, as this was the first new car he’s ever owned.” But the excitement soon wore off.

And second, even if he does find a way to swing the payments, the gas for the car is not really gas. The fuel, like the cars, was also developed at Area 51 and there are but a handful of refilling stations in his state. And the kicker is that if one can make it to a refueling station, the cost of fuel is $1000 per fill up. He did add that after 10 fill ups the cost is only $200. The dealership told me to think of the $200 as kind of a co-pay.

And to add insult to injury, the man said that many “dealerships” are struggling with the expense and headaches of maintaining the vehicles and reports already predict dealership closures in the not too distant future.

If you haven’t figured out – there is no space-car – no Obama auto-mandate (yet). This is Obamacare – where, like the car, everyone can (must) now have shiny new “health insurance.” And like the car – once you have it, you find it is too expense to utilize – with out of pocket expenses before the insurance even kicks in of up to $6000, $10000 and even more. So, like the car just sitting idle in the driveway, many who have Obamacare “health insurance” must choose to go without medical care.

And like the “dealerships,” many Obamacare exchanges created under the federal health law to provide cost-effective coverage and competition in state insurance markets are suffering. 16 of the 23 nonprofit cooperatives created nationwide have already failed.

Obamacare – the shiny new piece of crap we can’t afford to drive.

2 comments on “Obamacare was to be Like a Shiny New Car

  1. But all will be well because both of the top two contenders in the current matchup for Top of the Food Chain and perhaps the single most powerful political position in the world…want NATIONALIZED health care. Won’t that be great? It’ll be free for everyone because the gov’t will pay (As Trump said, Hillary says the “rich” will pay)…because people shouldn’t have to die in the streets (Trump again) …or something. So we’ll all have a lovely blend of Medicaid and VA “care”. /sarc off

    Meanwhile people are getting sicker and dying in their homes because they can’t AFFORD the deductibles they must fork out before insurance pays a penny. Obamacare has accomplished nothing we were told it as supposed to accomplish but it has accomplished exactly what it was intended to accomplish. Obama even told a group of like minds what that was. He said that though he wanted “single-payer” (read nationalized/gov’t “care”) that he couldn’t get that just yet so Obamacare was a step toward it and in 10 years at most it would become his desired “single payer”.

    So see? It’s all going according to plan. Doesn’t that make you feel cared for?

    Good analogy, Brent.

  2. Yes, great analogy, Brent. This is exactly what happened to us. Prior to Obamacare, my wife and I had no medical insurance (we’re self-employed) and paid our medical bills out of pocket. That system worked pretty well for us. Last year, we finally bit the bullet and paid $800/month with $6,000 deductibles (apiece!) for the cheapest policy we could find on the exchange. Normally, our medical expenses are less than $6000 annually for the two of us combined. Needless to say, we received NO benefit from this crappy insurance. Adding insult to injury, the company contacted us in Nov. to inform us that our premiums would be going up to $1,200/month with the same deductibles. We dropped them like a hot potato and have reverted to our cash-only payment method. Obamacare is an abomination and I’m praying that God raises up a leader who will listen to the American people and ABOLISH Obamacare (and all its nefarious tentacles). Who needs a shiny, expensive car they can’t afford to drive?

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