Not Covid Related – A New Muslim Wave Coming to Europe

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Why is Turkey still a member of NATO? Of course one could also ask why we’re a member anymore, but that’s another discussion. Turkey, and more specifically its president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, is no friend of Europe or America. And now Erdoğan has promised to unleashed vast amounts of Muslim refugees on its European “allies.” All by sending them through Greece. What a guy.

from American Thinker: 

While the media are riveted by coronavirus, the Greece-Turkey border is exploding

Even as Americans are obsessed with whether Trump is controlling the Wuhan Virus or whether Costco will have more toilet paper, unnerving things are happening on the Greece-Turkey border.  Turkey has unleashed tens of thousands of Muslim refugees who are headed to Europe, an invasion that, if successful, could destroy Europe’s economy and will advance the demographic change started in 2015.

On February 29, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced that he was sending the millions of Syrians and other Muslim refugees staying in his country to Europe via Greece.  He justified the move by claiming that Europe was not helping Turkey financially with the refugees and that he needed Europe to support his war against Russian and Syrian offensives.  Almost instantly, several thousand Syrians and other Muslim migrants had massed along sections of the 120-mile border between Greece and Turkey.

Greece, though, which still has a lagging economy long after the recession officially ended, has refused to admit the Muslim migrants.  Nearly 80% of Greeks polled agree with the government.

Turkey has pushed back against the Greek stand at the border and released footage purporting to show Greek soldiers shooting the migrants:


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